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Purchasing an e-cigarette is not like buying ice cream at the beach. It is more like buying a cell phone. An e-cigarette is not merely a utility product, but a lifestyle product as well. There are so many variables to be considered, so many top rated e-cigarette suppliers to choose from and so many web sites giving half-baked advice. Unless you are a pro, if you try to navigate this course on your own you are likely to get lost. This is where Ecigarettereviews.net comes in. It is a one stop portal on choosing the right e-cigarette brands.

Ecigarettereviews.net has something for everyone. It offers introductory information and basic advice for the novice smoker. What are electronic cigarettes? How do they benefit you? How safe are they? Those on a tight budget will learn of the best bargains and the biggest discounts. We will give you insightful tips on how to obtain and use discount coupons and also how to minimize shipping costs. For the connoisseur we will regularly post the latest developments in the field of vaping. We will tell you which the best e-cigarette suppliers are.

We spoke earlier about half-baked advice. You will not get that at our site. We do not simply reproduce the information provided by the electronic cigarette brands like V2 Cigs. Our experts actually try out each and every product before writing the e-cigarette reviews. Therefore the reviews are based on firsthand experience of vaping. You will also find that our information is updated regularly. E-cigarettes are a fairly recent product. They first came in the international market only in 2007. It is a growing field with plenty happening on the product front and on the usage front. We are sensitive to these changes and commit to keep you informed immediately.

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Given our name, it is obvious that the prime offering is electronic cigarette reviews. Our site contains reviews of the best electronic cigarettes and accessories from all the leading manufacturers. The products are reviewed from all aspects including quality, style, variety and convenience of use. We also evaluate the top e-cig manufacturers of the basis of pricing and delivery. We know how important costs are in these hard times and how annoying delays in delivery can be. But we provide more than e-cig reviews. You will find links to the best discounts at our web site. Apart from reviewing individual suppliers, we compare the best producers head to head on important parameters.

Because of the newness of smokeless cigarettes, the society at large has yet to form an opinion about vaping. The authorities are also working out whether it needs regulation, and if so then how much. The discerning vaper would want to keep abreast of this news. We track the changes in the legislation. We will let you know when bills are introduced in legislatures, what has happened in various government committees and so on. We will let you in the views of society opinion makers and celebrity vapers. And we will keep you abreast of the latest surveys and medical studies on e-cigarettes.

Last, but not the least, Ecigarettereviews.net is your portal where your opinion is valued and your voice is heard. In any consumer group the views of co-users carries weight. We will bring you reviews of the top rated electric cigarette suppliers from actual vapers like yourselves. Should you have any problem in selecting from e-cigarette brands or using them, you can ask us and we will provide answers. Once you get accustomed to Ecigarettereviews.net you will never visit any other web site again.

What are e-cigarettes?

Just like everything else that begins with “e-”, e-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs for short. However they are not virtual products. E-cigarettes simulate smoking without the need to burn tobacco. This product, which often resembles a cigarette, uses a battery operated heater to vaporize liquid containing flavored nicotine. They are used to cut down on, and even stop, regular tobacco smoking. The various components of an electronic cigarette are explained below.

Cartridge – The cartridge contains the e-liquid, which has a glycol base and contains a variable concentration of nicotine for different kinds of smokers. The e-liquid is flavored to add taste to the experience.

Atomizer – The Atomizer consists of a small heating element which is wrapped around a wick. The wick draws the e-liquid from the cartridge and the atomizer vaporizes it. It is this vapor that is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker of the e-cigarette. Therefore the process of smoking an e-cig is called vaping. The current trend is to supply a cartridge, which can be refilled, integrated with the atomizer. This assembly is called a ‘cartomizer".

Power Supply – The power supply usually consists of three components. One is a battery that supplies power to the atomizer. The cartridge, atomizer and battery connect together to form a thin cylindrical cigarette like object. There is a charger to quickly charge the battery. The top rated e-cigarette suppliers offer this charger in a case the size of a cigarette packet, which stores the components along with spare cartridges. Finally there is a wall adapter to periodically charge the charger, which works in a similar manner to the cell phone chargers.