Bull Smoke Review

Our Bull Smoke review is based on actual use of their products over a length of time. Bull Smoke e-cigarettes are targeted at the rugged smoker. If you are into muscle building, football and beer six packs then Bull Smoke e-cigs are for you. The flavor is rich and the vapor is thick and keeps on coming. But the best thing about Bull Smoke is that it gives you best value for money in the electronic cigarettes market. You will get disposables and reusables and you can take your pick because both are great e-cigs.

Battery = 400 puffs average
Disposable e-cig = 450 puffs average

Bull Smoke Kits

The starter kit is the first point for any new vaper and our Bull Smoke review highlights the salient features of the Ranch Hand kit. It contains everything that the no frills vaper will need. The kit is priced at $30 and includes two packs of 5 atomized cartridges, 2 original automatic batteries, wall adaptor, detailed owner’s manual and USB express charger. The batteries that are included are the 4.2 V long life lithium batteries that can offer about two days of normal vaping without recharging. Bull Smoke offers another starter kit labelled as City Slicker. It is exactly like Ranch Hand, except that it includes sophisticated flavors of e-liquids.

Bull Smoke Accessories & Vapors

The Bull Smoke disposable e-cig is branded as Buck Shot. Though it is priced slightly higher than other disposables it offers far more puffs and therefore gives more bang for the buck. The reusable e-cigs are branded as Stubby and Kentucky in increasing order of battery power. The batteries come in a variety of colors and you can keep rotating them to match with the color of the e-liquid. Keep in mind that you will find only manly colors in the range in keeping with the image of Bull Smoke vapers.

The Bull Smoke range of e-liquid is designed to suit the taste of the tough vaper. It is available in 10 unique flavors and in 5 different nicotine levels. The tobacco flavored e-liquids have been formulated so as to simulate the taste of popular tobacco cigarette brands. American Ranger will give you the pleasure of smoking Virginia tobacco. Likewise Refined Blend matches with multi-leaf tobacco blend brands, Turkish Tobacco matches with Turkish Tobacco Blend brands and Menthol Breeze matches with Menthol Blend Tobacco brands. The e-liquid is also offered in other brands such as coffee, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate, grape and cherry. The nicotine levels are 0, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8 and 2.4 mg. Bull Smoke refill cartridges are sold in packs of five, with each cartridge being individually sealed in a pharmaceutical-grade blister pack and locking in the freshness forever. A single pack of five costs $13, but if you order two or more packs together you will get a discounted rate of $10 per pack.

Bull Smoke offers a wide range of accessories related to vaping. If you are on a long drive and the battery has run out you can use the Car Charger to recharge the battery. This Car Charger plugs into any standard car lighter outlet. You can purchase a USB charger that can fit into any adapter. The Bullpen is a threadless battery connection having a bright LCD display and removable lithium-ion battery. This slim and light device will fit comfortably in your pocket and has sufficient stand-alone power to completely recharge any Bull Smoke battery at least four times without needing to be recharged.

Bull Smoke Website Usability & Support

Shipments are effected by either FedEx (overnight domestic service or 1-2 day international service) or USPS Priorty (2-3 day domestic service) depending on your choice. The prices quoted at the website are exclusive of shipping costs. Bull Smoke has an attractive Rewards Points program. When you order $100 of merchandise you will be awarded 100 Bull Bucks, which are loyalty points worth $10. These Bull Bucks can be accumulated to be later used as credit towards any follow-up product purchase. The Bull Bucks will never expire. Bull Smoke offers an exclusive Certified Lifetime Warranty on all charging devices and a full one year warranty on the lithium-ion 4.2 volt batteries. For the exact terms and conditions of the warranty you can check out their web site. The web site also has a FAQs section that will answer several of your other queries.