How to Choose an E-Cig

If you are new to vaping and are confused about how to choose an e-cigarette, then you have come to the right place. We will take you through the process step by step, explaining the options available to you and offering our suggestions.

The first choice that you will have to make is whether to go for a disposable or a reusable e-cig. A disposable e-cigarette of a given model will have a standard unit cost throughout. A reusable e-cigarette will have a one-time cost for the starter kit and then a considerably lower standard unit cost for the e-liquid refill. Even for one vape a day for six months the cost of using reusable e-cigs will work out cheaper. However, it would not be wise to invest in the starter kit right at the beginning. Vaping may not agree with you and you would be saddled with the kit. Even otherwise it is better to play the market, try out the different suppliers, test the different flavors and assess your nicotine level requirements before going for reusable e-cigs.

While you are using disposable e-cigs, you should narrow down on a starting nicotine level and a set of half a dozen flavors. Then check out the e-cigarette suppliers who offered the e-liquids of your choice. Finally you choose from this short list of suppliers. We would remind you that all the suppliers recommended by us are reliable and reputed and you can do business with any of them. While selecting a supplier, delivered price should be a prime consideration. If you preferred buying from a store, you should look for a brand that is available at the retail outlet near you. Most suppliers in our recommended list offer online sales. Some reusable cigarettes come in shapes other than the plane cylindrical ones. If these conform to your other requirements you should consider going for one of these. It makes a statement of attitude in public and there is no reason for you to lose out on this. If you do not mind the higher cost and find refilling a hassle, then you can continue with disposable e-cigs.

Nicotine Strength

One of the most important decisions you will have to make is regarding the nicotine strength. To start with you need to have the same dose of nicotine as you are getting from your tobacco smoking. Otherwise you would be tempted to discontinue vaping. It is very hard to specify an exact correlation and a bit of a trial and error is inevitable. If you are a light smoker a recommended nicotine range is 4 mg/ml to 8 mg/ml. For a medium smoker the recommended range is 10 mg/ml to 14 mg/ml. Heavy smokers should look for something between 16 mg/ml and 24 mg/ml. If your starting nicotine strength is not adequate you can increase in the smallest increments till you find the right level. On the other hand, if your starting record in strength is too strong you can accordingly go for lower concentrations. Once you stabilize at your starting level you can chalk out a plan for phased reduction in nicotine strength. Again you have to go by what works best for you, because some people can cut down faster than others. Of course, if you are a non-smoker and are into vaping just for style then your choice is obvious. You select e-liquids with zero nicotine content. All suppliers offer this.


Flavor is an extremely personal choice and not much guidance can be given in this regard. One important point to note is not to restrict yourself to a single flavor. Even if you have a staple choice, keep stock of a few others. You never know when you would like to change. You can also select flavors to suit the occasion. Vape tobacco flavor when you go out with a guys and mint when you go out with the girls. You can opt for your favorite fruit flavor for vaping after dinner, or maybe chocolate flavor. While selecting the flavor keep an eye on the price. Some of the exotic flavors may be priced at more than they are worth. Buy refill packs in the largest quantities that make sense for your level of vaping. It not only reduces the number of purchases but also fetches lower prices.

There is one most important piece of advice that covers whatever you purchase in connection with vaping. Be on the lookout for discounts. Purchasing through our links can get you some really good deals. Even otherwise, suppliers offer discount coupons for future purchases. Preserve them and use them.