Halo Cigs Review

Our Halo Cigs review is based on actual use of their products over a length of time. Halo Cigs was founded in New Jersey in 2009. It initially made a reputation for high quality e-liquids and then moved on to vaping hardware. It makes two ranges of products – G6 for those who have just started with electronic cigarettes and Triton for the advanced vapers. Our Halo Cigs review covers them both. Halo e-liquids offer a rich taste without being overpowering and without leaving an unpleasant after-taste. Halo Cigs e-cigs have a great throat hit even at the lowest nicotine levels, which makes it easier to kick the smoking habit. The vapor produced is consistently thick.

Triton battery = 400 puffs average
Triton tank = 250 puffs average
G6 battery = 200 puffs average
G6 cartomizer = 150 puffs average

Halo Cigs Kits

Starter kits are important for new vapers and our Halo Cigs review looks at them in some detail. The G6 range offers a standard starter kit, which comes in a choice of colors and is priced at $45. It contains 2 batteries, 1 wall charger, 1 USB adapter, 5 prefilled cartomizers and 1 Halo carrying case. The Triton starter kit is likewise a standard affair and comes in a choice of colors. It is priced higher at $65. This e-cigs starter kit includes 2 manual batteries, 1 wall charger, 1 USB adapter, 2 Crystal Clear tank clearomizers, 1 cone and 1 sleek Halo carrying case. Unless you intend to make a statement with color, the black starter kits are recommended for a sober and dignified appearance.

Halo Cigs Accessories & Vapors

Halo Cigs is well known for its e-liquids. These are marketed under the brand name Purity. With this Halo Cigs makes a statement about the quality of its e-liquids. It offers e-juice that use only United States Pharmacopeia grade ingredients. All formula ingredients are FDA and FEMA approved. Halo Cigs offers a wider range of e-liquids than most e-cigarette suppliers. They are sold in three broad flavor categories – tobacco, menthol and gourmet. Since tobacco flavor is the choice of most vapers, Halo Cigs offers 12 distinct tobacco flavors. There are 6 menthol flavors and 6 gourmet flavors. The latter includes peppermint, cocoa and coffee flavors. All these are available in refill packs. The 7 ml bottle costs $6 and the 30 ml bottle costs $30. Vapers who have yet to decide on their staple flavors can make use of the sample packs. A sample pack of six 7 ml bottles of different flavors costs only $25. However, only limited set combinations are available. Halo Cigs supplies its e-liquids in five nicotine levels, which are 0, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8 and 2.4.

You can purchase all the accessories for Halo Cigs e-cigs individually. Should you need a replacement for any of them you do not have to unnecessarily buy the entire starter kit. The accessories include batteries, chargers, blank cartomizers and filled cartomizers. The G6 prefilled cartomizers come in limited flavors and cost $10 for a pack of five. Halo Cigs also offers a range of blank clearomizers of 9 ml capacity called Mini Tanks. They are completely transparent so you do not have to guess how much e-liquid is available for your vaping.

Halo Cigs Website Usability & Support

All Halo Cigs products can be bought online without having to move anywhere. The purchasing process is menu driven and easy to understand. Halo Cigs will deliver orders with free shipping in the following circumstances. The order is within the United States; the order value is over $75.00 after any discounts and the free shipping method will be USPS Priority Mail. You should account for 2 to 3 business days for delivery.

The Halo Cigs web site is one of the best amongst the e-cigarette online suppliers. The navigation is convenient and almost all important pages can be reached from the homepage. Thorough and detailed specifications have been provided for each product along with sharp and clear images. The web site has a section Halo Rewards that explains how you can benefit further by buying Halo Cigs products. You earn 100 Halo Points for every $20 you spend. You also earn points by reviewing Halo Cigs products and convincing your friends to use them. You can then redeem the points earned for buying Halo Cigs products. The web site also has a comprehensive FAQs section and offers quick and courteous customer support.