Hentley Cigs Review

Our Henley Cigs review is based on actual use of their products over a length of time. Henley Cigs is a relatively new player in the electronic cigarettes market. Also the products tend to be in the premium range. Therefore Henley Cigs may enjoy slightly lower visibility than some of the hard sell brands. The story behind Henley Cigs is very interesting. The founders were people who switched from tobacco smoking to vaping. Though they liked the activity, they were not fully satisfied with was available. They spent a lot of time and effort in perfecting the products and the result is Henley Cigs. Henley Cigs e-cigs offer full flavor and thick vapor. Where Henley Cigs scores over competition is its wide range of products that include mods and clearomizers. Therefore it covers a wider range of needs.

Battery = 300 puffs average
Cartridge = 250 puffs average

Hentley Cigs Kits

Our Henley Cigs review begins with their starter kits. The basic kit is the Express Kit, which includes 1 battery, 1 USB charger and 3 cartridges. It is priced at $20. If you are committed to Henley Cigs you can go for their stylish Deluxe Kit, which sells for $70 and includes a personal charging case, 2 rechargeable batteries, 5 cartridges, 2 USB cords and AC adapter. Henley Cigs also offers variable voltage devices and starter kits for the same. There are a couple of eGo kits that include eGo batteries, clearomizers, USB charger, AC adaptor, carry bag and user manual. These are priced at $44 and $66. For extreme vaping Henley Cigs offers mods in its iTaste range. The premium kit for this product is iTaste 134 Kit costing $150. It includes the stainless steel mod, a dual coil tank, a hard case and user manual. Battery and e-liquid have to be ordered separately.

Hentley Cigs Accessories & Vapors

We now move on to the Henley Cigs review of e-liquid. These are sold as standard cartridges and refill packs. The e-liquids come in ten flavors. The most popular is Original, which simulates the taste of the best tobacco cigarettes. The other flavors are tobacco, menthol, cherry, clove, watermelon, vanilla, cappuccino, strawberry, and pina colada. All are available in three nicotine strengths, 6, 18 and 24 mg.  The cartridges are sold in packs of five that cost $12 a pack. Discounts are offered through the Cartridge Club. If you sign up for six months of monthly automatic reorders you get a discount of 20%.  A nine months sign up raises the discount to 30% and a one year sign up offers a whopping 40% off. The refill packs for reusable e-cigs come in sizes of 10 ml to 30 ml, with prices varying from $10 to $23.

For advanced vaping, Henley Cigs offers an assortment of eGos, mods and rebuildables. You can begin your experience of adjusting vapor levels by varying battery voltage with one of the eGo products. Then you can move on to the mods and finally the rebuildables. Since mods are the most common product in this range our Henley Cigs review focuses on them. The economy version costing $80 is the SVD. Designed like a telescope, this durable stainless steel mod features voltage regulation, resistance meter, safety circuitry, an easy-to-read LED readout and two premium tanks. The SVD will also let you check your remaining battery life and atomizer resistance. The VTR has a detailed finish and sleeker look, but offers very similar features. It costs $125.

Hentley Cigs Website Usability & Support

The prizes quoted for the Henley Cigs products for online purchases are exclusive of shipping costs. The shipping costs can be estimated before placing the order by entering your location. Being a premium brand, Henley Cigs does not offer as much in benefits as some of its competitors. You can get a 20% discount coupon by subscribing to its newsletter. There is a 30 days money back guarantee return policy, but it is valid only for unopened shipments. Henley Cigs also runs a recycling program in order to prevent its disposables from littering the environment. If you send them 5 spent disposables then you will get a new one on the house.

No Henley Cigs review would be complete without mention of the Vaporium. Located in New York it is a vape shop, lounge and café. You can get some free trials, sample a variety of flavors, discuss vaping, or only have coffee and use free wifi. If you are a vaper and in New York this is a place that should not be missed.