Power Mad Pols Want To Ban E-Cig Use On Airplanes

The e-cigarette feeding frenzy continues as power mad politicians and ‘advocates’ try to conflate their use with tobacco cigarettes. There’s definitely a profit motive for these money addicted non-contributors–they’ve never met a tax revenue they didn’t like. And there’s nothing that scolds enjoy more than telling other people how to live their lives. Now the anti-vaping kooks are demanding a Federal prohibition of vaping on commercial air travel because…uh….just because.

Realistically, these scolds want to ban e-cigarette use because a) it’s popular and b) they don’t like it personally. The justifications are unimportant–it’s simply something that these megalomaniacs don’t like for whatever reason and they’re going to use their power to try and make sure people don’t do it. That’s why their rationale–and the rationale of other e-cigarette opponents–is just so flimsy.

One thing they don’t like is that some e-cigarette advertising has touted that one benefit is that they can be used where traditional cigarettes can’t. In the twisted mind of a politician, this justifies action. Of course that’s the same reason that smokers chew gum in situations where they can’t smoke but chewing gum doesn’t *look* like cigarette smoking and the control class doesn’t like that. The DOT and FAA recited some of the well worn (and factually unproven) tropes about ‘harmful substances and respiratory irritants’ along with the ubiquitous ‘for the good of the children’ but overall the justification for a Federal ban on e-cigarette use in airplanes is flimsy even by the dubious standards of ‘public health’ control freaks.

At the heart of the entire crusade against e-cigarettes is a desire by regulators and public health advocates to keep their power and revenues intact. With tobacco use on the decline they need something else to demonize to perpetuate their parasitical gig and e-cigarettes fill the bill. They’ve all but ignored the big hypocrisy in all of this–that e-cigarettes are widely used and effective to quit smoking regular cigarettes which we’ve been told for years is the worst possible thing that a human being could do. You’d think they’d welcome the use of e-cigs to stop smoking but clearly not when money and power is at stake.