Smoking Bans Are More About Control Than Health

This isn’t news to e-cigarette smokers but more and more people are waking up to the reality that politicians and ‘public health advocates’ primary motive isn’t the welfare of average citizens. It’s about a desire to mandate to others how they “should” live which basically is in a way that the aforementioned politicians and ‘public health advocates’ approve of. The good news is that there’s starting to be some resistance to these scolds and their heavy handed efforts.

They got away with it for the most part during their crusade against cigarette smoking. ‘Big tobacco’ was an easy target and they were able to push smoking bans all over the country despite the questionable validity behind their claims that secondhand smoke is dangerous. Their primary message was obvious–cigarette smoking is the worst thing and people should quit at all costs. They hoodwinked the masses that their interest was in ‘public health’ when in reality it was all about money, power and control.

That has become very evident during the e-cigarette boom. Despite the fact that there is no evidence about the health impact of e-cigarette smoking they’ve gone after the industry simply because it ‘looks’ like smoking. That and it provides the anti-tobacco kooks with a new gravy train. Lost in their spurious attacks against e-cigarette is a very important fact–a large percentage of people who use e-cigs do so as a means to quit smoking cigarettes. The ‘public health’ nuts conveniently ignore this since it plainly reveals them as greedy, power mad and hypocritical. 10 years ago smoking was the worst thing ever and quitting was practically a moral imperative. E cigarettes are a valuable tool to help smokers quit which in theory should make them popular among public health types–but not when money and power are at stake.

The anti e-cigarette mob uses the same shopworn justifications they did to go after smoking including the old standby of the argumentatively bankrupt, the well being of ‘the children’. Unfortunately too many in the media and government still swallow their lies hook, line and sinker. There is a pushback against their fraudulent campaign against e-cigarettes but unfortunately it’s not big enough to prevent further restrictions of the personal freedoms of consenting adults.