V2 Cigs vs Blu Cigs

If V2 Cigs has positioned itself as a premium electronic cigarette, then Blu Cigs has done that even more strongly. In addition, Blu Cigs projects vaping as the freedom to smoke without guilt. V2 Cigs offers high quality vaping. The draw is smooth, the vapor is thick and consistent and the throat hit is smooth and moist. Unfortunately, Blu Cigs e-cigarettes do not match up to this standard. In particular, the throat hit is not as good in the case of Blu Cigs. V2 Cigs sells its products online, whereas Blu Cigs operates online and through brick and mortar outlets in the United States.

V2 Cigs reaches 165 puffs on average from automatic battery and 150 puffs on an average from cartomizers. Though Blu Cigs claims a higher puff count, our experience is that if it does not live up to its projections. It falls short when compared to V2 Cigs. Blu Cigs gives 100 puffs on average from automatic battery and 100 puffs on an average from cartomizers.

The starter kit is perhaps the most important purchase by a vaper.  V2 Cigs offers a range of six starter kits. The most basic one is the Express Kit, which is priced at $16.50. Its contents are 1 rechargeable battery, 1 cartomizer and 1 USB charger. The top end starter kit is the Ultimate Kit, priced at $224. Its contents are 3 batteries, 25 cartridges, 1 wall adapter, 1 smart charger, 1 car adapter, 1 portable charging case, 1 power-cig, 1 metal carry case, 1 lanyard and 1 user manual. Blu Cigs has three product ranges – Original, Premium and Premium 100. It offers one standard starter kit for each range priced respectively at $70, $80 and $90. The contents of each kit are 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 wall charger, 1 USB charger, 1 variety pack containing five cartomizers of different flavors. The difference is that each starter kit contains items from its range of products.

V2 Cigs offers e-liquid in 12 flavors. There are three tobacco flavors – Red, Sahara and Congress. The nine other flavors are Mint Tea, Menthol, Peppermint, Cherry, Coffee, Vanilla, Cola, Chocolate and Grape. Blu Cigs markets its e-liquids under the brand Johnson Creek. It offers seven flavors, which are Tobacco Classic, Menthol, Cherry, Coffee, Vanilla, Pina Colada and Peach. V2 Cigs offers its e-liquids in five nicotine strengths, which are 0, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 mg/ml. Blu Cigs does not quantify the nicotine content in its e-liquids. It classifies its nicotine strengths as High, Medium, Low and None.

There is not much difference in the cost of cartridges of these two e-cigarette suppliers. V2 Cigs pack of five cartridges of same flavor costs $13. A 20 cartridge pack of four flavors costs $44. V2 Cigs also offers a 25 ml refill pack for $21. Blu Cigs pack of five cartridges of same flavor costs $13. If two packs are purchased together the price reduces to $10.80 per pack. If four packs are purchased together the price reduces to $9.60 per pack. Both brands offer disposable e-cigs. V2 Cigs has disposables in its Vapor Couture premium range, which sell for $55 for a pack of five. Blu Cigs sells disposable e-cigs for $40 for a pack of four.

V2 Cigs has free shipping to specified countries European countries. Blu Cigs offers free shipping within the United States. You can check out the web sites of these suppliers for complete details. V2 Cigs offers life time warranty to electronic components only. Blu Cigs offers only a 1 year warranty, but covers some additional products. V2 Cigs offers discounts through online discount sales and through discount coupons included in starter kits. Blu Cigs offers discounts through a rewards scheme.