Whoopi Goldberg: People Need E-Cigarettes

With the usual cabal of anti smoking ‘health advocates’ and power mad politicians piling on in an attempt to profit from and/or hyper regulate the E-cigarette industry there is finally some resistance. E-cigarette users and Libertarian advocates have objected to not only the government overreach involved but the hypocrisy of attempting to deprive people of an important smoking cessation aid. Now there’s at least one celebrity coming out as an e-cigarette advocate. On a recent episode of the Dr. Oz Show actress Whoopi Goldberg talked about her smoking addiction and the role that e-cigarettes played in helping her stop.

Whoopi Goldberg is best known as one of the few people in history to win an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and a Tony award and currently serves as a panelist on the TV hen-fest known as ‘The View’. She talked to Dr. Oz about her smoking addiction and pointed out the hypocritical attitude of state and Federal government noting that they simultaneously condemn cigarette smoking yet offer little in the way of support for people trying to stop. In addition, they receive massive tax revenues from the sale of cigarettes which she suggests is a conflict of interest.

She was most emphatic about the importance of E-Cigarettes and condemned the ‘harassment’ of the people that use them saying: “People need E-cigarettes, stop harassing them. If you want people to stop, you have to let them stop the way that they can”. She went on to decry the condemnation and marginalization of cigarette smokers, suggesting that if smoking is as bad as health advocates and governments claim that they need to provide more in the way of assistance and support to help people quit. Instead smokers are told that they are a “bad person” and are forced to “go stand out in the snow and in the rain.”

Whoopi may be the only celebrity who has come forward to advocate for the rights of E-cigarette smokers but clearly she’s not the only high profile personality who uses them. Another big name recently seen vaping is U2 lead singer Bono, who was seen dragging on a e-cigarette at his recent birthday party.